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Case study


Company Name: Tailored Living

Covered Industry: Home Improvement

Services: Custom Cabinetry Design & Installation

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Creating organized space like you never thought before! Tailored Living offers carefully designed storage for the places in your home, in which you need it most; including, but not limited to: closets, pantries, mudrooms, home offices, and even Murphy beds! Every space is unique to each client and Tailored Living makes it their mission to implement a sense of calmness within a space of chaos. Whether it be onsite or in the office, their creative and talented teams will design a new and improved space best fit for you and your needs utilizing their custom programs and innovative technologies.  


This franchise has now come to the Upper Western part of Connecticut with hopes to establish a local go-to-market strategy. While there are corporate marketing efforts, it's critical to set a more localized strategy in efforts to bring a more competitive edge against similar companies within the surrounding area. 


areas of assistance

digital marketing management & development

lead generation & nurture plan development

email marketing

out of home advertising strategy

partnership development & Management

promotional strategy, tracking & management

growth marketing strategy

pricing strategy

public relations management

budget development

business consulting


social media strategy & Management

photoshoot management

event advertising



In order to achieve success within the local area, our talented team of Brandologists put together strategic plans including social media strategy, brand awareness building, digital marketing, referral incentiveOur focus was to build a digital presence through social media, digital marketing management, with a budget and calendar. Strategize methods to enhance content for multiple platforms including social media and CRM. Establish a proper digital marketing strategy and communication with customized blueprints describing lead and client nurturing programs, campaign development for local targets. Create high quality, innovative design and written copy for sales and marketing materials, platforms, and campaigns. Leverage customer insight and sales data to develop optimal pricing and promotion strategy.



Built a marketing budget and calendar for the local owner to follow, assisted with a successful digital strategy. Implemented email automation campaigns to nurture the customer journey pre and post sale. Established editorial calendars content pillars that are now being used to help organize the team with centralizing content and tracking efforts. Brandology has been able to create a local presence for this franchise, by working with their corporate marketing efforts and adding in key fundamentals for the owners to utilize.

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