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Case study


Company Name: Robots & Pencils


Covered Industry: Digital, Education, Financial, Healthcare, High Tech, Retail & Consumer Goods

Services: Digital Solutions: Web Development, App Development, UX + Design, SalesForce/Slack, Mobile, Modernization Services, Business Transformation


Robots & Pencils, founded in 2009, with the then-contrarian view that mobile would be more transformative than the Internet. Turns out they were right!


Today, their thinking is rooted in the belief that, in the age of unprecedented technology acceleration, maintaining a competitive advantage requires new strategies and a focus on innovation.


Their approach has been to create a company designed to follow the talent, allowing them to amass an unfair share of hyper-skilled people who call Robots & Pencils home. A team of people who not only develop innovative solutions to transform businesses, but also create products that have been previously inconceivable.

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Since inception, Robots and Pencils has maintained continual growth through word of mouth and cold sales efforts. But, as we move forward in the digital age, they decided to take a more strategic approach to acquire new leads as well as create plans for nurturing. Social presence, lead generation, nurturing plans, gift strategies, and event strategies were all areas they wanted to start this venture off with and build the necessary infrastructure to make their marketing efforts successful and sales efforts more efficient.

areas of assistance

Growth marketing strategy

lead generation & nurture plan development

customer relationship management

social media strategy

gifting strategy

campaign strategy

email marketing / automation strategy & management

Event campaign development & Management




Consistent communication with the VP of Marketing, along with customized blueprints describing lead and client nurturing programs, campaign development, project brief templates, lifecycle stage definitions, and gifting strategies. Our main focus was building the proper infrastructure to help them drive lead generation and grow client acquisition, through events and social initiatives, to better assist their full-time marketing team. In order to do this we gained access to their Marketing Suite, via HubSpot, and developed an audience segmentation program, reconstructed their contact properties, and synchronized this strategy with their CRM, SalesForce, through customized workflow procedures. As time went on, it was important to develop a more structuralized plan for gifting efforts with new clients, previous clients, and employees. In order to do this, there was a discussion about merchandising and how in house gifts can be less costly, more effective, and potentially provide long term growth. Social media, email marketing, blogs, and events were other areas of improvement, which were fixed through  developing custom-made editorial calendars to enhance efficiency when posting on different dates and platforms.



Implemented a successful mobile campaign, driving leads to learn more and inquire about Robots and Pencils mobile optimization services. The campaign included project brief implementation, workflow development, email strategy and nurturing programs. Successful editorial calendars are now being used to help organize the team with centralizing content, tracking efforts, and important dates including: posting, events, blogs, holidays and more. Most importantly, successful automations and nurturing plans for general sales push, new leads, MQL’s, SQL’s, new clients, and current clients. We also included separate blueprints for the team to use and show executives of the company what each of these flows consist of, making it easier for their professional peers outside of marketing to understand.

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