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Case study


Company Name: Busy B

Covered Industry: Service, Gifting, Hospitality

Services: Customizable gift - baskets, buckets, bottles & displays

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Gifting re-imagined! BusyB helps clients provide memories through gift giving. Helping bring smiles to peoples faces within the local Connecticut area. Every gift is made to order and completely customizable based on the information given by the client, displaying true thoughtfulness, when giving a gift. The foundation sits upon the owner, who wanted to bring smiles to peoples faces through gifts that made them feel cared and thoroughly thought about.

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Bringing thoughts to life through gifting, is what BusyB knew best. However, they knew marketing would be a big piece of their puzzle inorder for them to stand out against competition. From inception to launch, Brandology created the necessary infrastructures to help catapult BusyB’s success. Defining what each life cycle stage is for incoming leads and consumers, while building programs parallel to match their wants and needs. BusyB had much success with word of mouth advertising, as this was a company that started off as a hobby. As time went on, and the owner thought about growth opportunities they felt it was best to invest in Marketing. Social media and branding was a main pain point and just the start of what we were able to help build for them. The main objective were to build out the necessary infrastructures and templates for them to then hand over to a more full-time Marketing Manager.

areas of assistance


Brand development

pricing strategy

social media strategy

budget development

promotional strategy

email marketing strategy


lead generation & nurture program strategy

merchandise strategy



The key to making this brand a success was friendly focused branding, strategic pricing, enticing social media plans, engaging nurturing programs and captivating photoshoots. In order to be consistent they needed us to curate the proper plans to stay consistent with their work and match their friendly energy. We first started with developing their brand and keeping it close to the energy and feel of both the owner as well as the products, as these were personable gifts. This included the identity, mission & vision statements, and core values. We then moved forward with building out a pricing strategy, giving them an average profit margin of 78%, across their line of products. As those were approved we then helped create a budget template, involving digital expenses, local events, printing collateral, merchandising, and photoshoots, utilizing previous inventory costs, current net revenue, and projected profits. With a business like this, it’s important to engage with your consumers and make them feel special. Having this in mind, we decided it was best to use that approach when curating the strategies for emails and social media. In order for this business to be successful, from a marketing perspective, it was essential that BusyB’s core values stood out in every aspect of anything consumer facing.



The work that was produced was a success and the owner felt they learned a lot throughout this three-month process. However, the owner decided to close the business. As previously mentioned, this business started off as a hobby and when it came time to launch they felt this was something they couldn't enjoy as much after being turned into a business.

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